Buying and installing a Brunswick Gold Crown IV

Buying and installing a Brunswick Gold Crown IV

Post by Pau » Tue, 27 Aug 2002 06:39:17

Hi all,

I have just finished converting my ba***t and am now in the process
of deciding which table to buy and where to get it etc.

I live in Edinburgh, UK and am considering buying a 9 foot Brunswick
Gold Crown IV from a supplier called Mosconi Leisure in Hull.

Has anyone had any dealings with them in the past? Did they do a good

I have never owned a pool table before, and so would also greatly
appreciate any advice you may have on the following:

- procurement
- installation (how long does it take etc.)
- specification (ie. pocket sizes etc.)

How can i tell whether it has been installed/set-up perfectly before
the installer leaves - does anyone have a checklist of things to look

What about spec.? Will I be given options on things like pocket size?
If so, should I go for a pro set-up like they play in the world
championships etc.? Do I go for simonis cloth and centennial balls?

What about accessories? Should I be looking for looking for a few
things to be thrown in with the table purchase?

Basically I am looking for any advice at all from people who have been
through the loop before.

I know I'm asking a lot of questions here, but honestly, all advice is
GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.