Funny Experience with lying sales people

Funny Experience with lying sales people

Post by Sergey Zhupan » Fri, 08 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I just bought Olhausen Sheraton, but I wanted to share some
hilarious (now, but not then) moments that sales people
gave me, before I asked the folks here about it, and
learned the truth.  Here are the statements different
sales people made:

(1) Table cloth does not matter -- they are all the same.

When later asked to put Simonis on the table, this dude had
the nerve to tell me it'll be $175 extra -- this was the last
he heard from me, but the other guy, that I ended up buying
a table from produced these gems:

(2) Table brand name does not matter

(3) "a table does not come with 1" slate", and later: "I can get it
with 1 inch for you for $100 more"

(4) "AMF has the best warranty" (when I was about to buy AMF table)
    and then later, from the same guy: "Olhausen Warranty is
    much better than AMF" when I switched to Olhausen table.

(5) "Glued cloth is best", and then, later, "the benefit of the
table you are getting is that the cloth will be stapled to the
wood under the slate, which is much better than glueing)

(6) AMF tables suck (by a guy who wanted to sell me a Centerpoint
which is a copy of AMF, but, he claimed, is better) and then,
3 days later, when I basically told him that the salesperson at
another store told me that the reason the first guy was not selling
AMF was because he was not in business long enough, he said
Well, basically AMF and Centerpoint are both good tables.

MORAL: I learned a very valuable lesson -- trust people in this
newsgroup, who proved immensly helpful in my quest for a new table,
and do not listen to anything sales people say except for the
exact name of the table, and the price of it and the upgrades.



Funny Experience with lying sales people

Post by snooker.. » Fri, 08 Nov 1996 04:00:00

This should be in the FAQ.....

Nobody should be duped by unscrupulous sales people, when there is a
wealth of knowledge in this newsgroup to be offered!

Mark Kulaga


Funny Experience with lying sales people

Post by hamme.. » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Sergey (,

In one of your postings to, you mentioned all the great
advice you got from the group.  Does a summary exist somewhere that I
could get a copy of? I'm shopping now myself.

Thanks in advance.