RUSSELL-TC/USAC: Russell Triple Crown Series wrap up

RUSSELL-TC/USAC: Russell Triple Crown Series wrap up

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SONOMA, California (July 22, 2001) -- Last year's Rookie-of-the-Year Ross
Fonferko became this year's Russell/USAC Triple Crown Pro Series champion
today.  The Wheaton, Illinois native earned nearly $11,000 cash, a two-race
ride with Primus Racing in the final US F2000 event at Daytona, and an
in-car camera for both races from Speedvision.  Finishing the
Yokohama-sponsored Series with two wins and a second for a total of 72
points, 20-year-old Fonferko maintained a points lead from the moment he
qualified for the pole in the first round.

Fonferko shared the championship podium with 22-year-old Victor Hugo
Queiroz, who finished second with 65 points, and 19-year-old David Mayhew,
who finished third with 59 points.  Brazilian Queiroz takes home $4,650 in
cash for his winnings and Mayhew, from Atascadero, California, walks away
with $2,200 cash.  

"All three rounds were tight races," said Fonferko.  "In the first two
rounds, Queiroz spun and I spent most of the time keeping Mayhew from
passing me.  In the last round, Queiroz was running fast and I had to decide
whether to go for the win and sweep the series or it or play it safe.  I
decided to play it safe and earn the points for the championship."

The first round of the Series was a 60-lap race run at Mesa Marin Raceway in
May.  Fonferko captured the pole for that race and walked away with a win
the next day. He also won the 23-lap, 30-minute Round Two, which was run
during the Dodge/SaveMart 350 NASCAR Winston Cup event at Sears Point
Raceway in June.  The final round took place just prior to the X-Factor
Grand Prix of Sonoma with the ALMS Series at Sears Point today.  Pole-sitter
Queiroz won the final race with a 2.86 margin of victory, which moved him
into runner-up in the championship.

"I'm really looking forward to running in the US F2000 race in Daytona.  I
hope to show what I've learned at Jim Russell and catch the eye of some
sponsors for next year," said Fonferko, who is also currently running a
limited number of races in the CART Toyota Atlantic series.

The Jim Russell organization created the "arrive and drive" racing series
format in the 70's and has produced champions from the U.S., Australia,
Russia, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Japan and England.  Past winners include
Jacques Villenueve, Emerson Fittipaldi, Casey Mears, Tommy Kendall and Memo
Gidley.  Jim Russell champions have graduated to US F2000, Formula Atlantic,
IRL, CART and Formula One.

Founded in 1957, Jim Russell Racing Drivers School (
<> ) is the oldest and one of the most respected
driver development organizations in the world.  Headquartered at Sears Point
Raceway in Sonoma, California, the school provides a full line of driving
programs from a half-day Russell Test Drive to its professional racing
series.  Jim Russell Racing Drivers School is the official racing school of
the United States Auto Club.  For reservations and more information, call
707.939.7600, or toll-free at 800.733.0345.

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                                Total   Total  
Position Driver                 Points  Winnings        
1       Ross Fonferko           72      10,800  
2       Victor Hugo Queiroz     65      4,650  
3       David Mayhew            59      2,200  
4       Cory Turner             47      350    
5       JoJo Saunders           33      200    
5       Phil Kopp               33      150    
7       Bob Hagerty             31      150    
8       John Knudsen            29      150    
9       Tim Butler              28      150    
9       Brett Arsenault         28      150    
11      John Shafer             22      150    
12      Erick Hansen            20      100    
13      Taylor Fletcher         19      300    
14      Christine Saunders      16      150    
15      John Mefford            15      100    
15      Cristian Sebellarosa    14      100    
17      Grant Dunning           10      50      
17      Steve Hill              10      50      
17      Paul Beregszaszy        10      50      
20      Randi Pankratz          9       50      
21      Charles Hurbis          6       50      
22      Kevin McCue             5       50      
22      Tom Atherton            5       50      
22      Kirk Morrison           5       50      
25      Carole Siska            4       50      


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