F3/SAFETY: Formula 3 technical, safety 2002 changes

F3/SAFETY: Formula 3 technical, safety 2002 changes

Post by pr.. » Tue, 18 Dec 2001 02:03:17

At the World Motor Sport Council meeting on 13 December 2001, the following
changes were approved:


As from 1 January 2002
- The minimum weight limit has been increased by 10kg to 550kg;
- six speed gearboxes will be permitted (previously the maximum was five).

As from 1 January 2003
- Minimum crankshaft height above the reference plane will be 115mm (previously

As from 1 January 2002
- In order to provide protection for the driver additional to the roll hoop itself, a
minimum height of 750 mm for the chassis behind the driver will be mandatory;
- the load on the nose during the push off test will be increased by 50%;
- eight ply Kevlar anti-penetration panels will be built into the sides of the chassis;
- the loads in the roll hoop test have been substantially increased;
- each wheel must be fitted with two wheel tethers.


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