USAC-S: Border Wars champion

USAC-S: Border Wars champion

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"It's a matter of being versatile," says 4-time "Border Wars" champion
Brian Tyler. You have to be able to run on different tracks well. This year
could be a tough year for the pavement drivers, because both races are on
dirt, but it'll be tougher on the dirt drivers too, since there'll be more

"Border Wars VII" unfolds for the Stoops Freightliner USAC Sprint Cars on
Friday night at Attica (Ohio) Raceway Park, then concludes on Saturday night
with the "Don Branson/Jud Larson Classic" at the Eldora Speedway in
Rossburg, Ohio. One of the drivers to beat will obviously be the defending
Stoops Freightliner Sprint Car Champion ,Tony Elliott of Kokomo, Ind.

Elliott drove his KECO/Hoosier Tire/Lamers Claxton/Stealth to victory in
Saturday night's 30-lapper at Twin Cities Raceway Park in North Vernon, Ind.
He survived a late-race challenge from Dave Darland which saw the two
drivers trade the lead back and forth several times. Elliott finally got
back by Darland in traffic on the white-flag lap and posted the win. Fast
qualifier Kevin Doty finished third, followed by Kevin Thomas and Bill Rose.

The win left Elliott two points ahead of Darland but just one point behind
leader Bud Kaeding in the new Stoops Freightliner standings. Kaeding
finished sixth at North Vernon after leading the first six laps of the race.

Practice at Attica Friday starts at 6:15 pm, with qualifying at 6:45 and
racing at 8. Saturday's "Branson/Larson" timetable at Eldora has practice at
6:30, qualifying at 7 and racing at 8. A 30-lap feature is on tap at both


1. Bud Kaeding 109
2. Tony Elliott 108
3. Dave Darland 106
4. Jay Drake 97
5. J.J. Yeley 78
6. Derek Davidson 69
7. David Steele 63
8. Jason McCord 60
9. Bill Rose 52
10. Robbie Rice 51



1995, April 1
Eldora, Kevin Doty

1995, April 2
Winchester, Kenny Irwin

Tony Stewart-8th & 2nd
1996, August 7
Eldora, Frankie Kerr

1996, August 8
Winchester, Dave Steele

Brian Tyler-5th and 5th
1997, May 4
Winchester, Chet Fillip

1997, August 6
Eldora, Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler-2nd & 1st
1998, May 2
Eldora, Kevin Doty

1998, May 3
Winchester, Brad Armstrong

Brian Tyler-11th & 2nd
1999, May 1
Eldora, Derek Davidson

1999, May 2
Winchester, Dave Steele

Tracy Hines-2nd & 6th
2000, April 29
Eldora, Dave Darland

2000, April 30
Winchester, Tracy Hines

Brian Tyler-4th & 3rd


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