Summer Leagues, Chicago, etc

Summer Leagues, Chicago, etc

Post by Eric Sim » Wed, 20 May 1992 02:15:06

> However, it's still ridiculous that a city as large as Chicago with as many

teams as are here has not had a regular summer league.

Agreed, Jeff.  This is where the UPA should be putting its resources, in
supporting local clubs and their summer leagues.  In D.C., our first summer
league had four teams.  Last year (the 9th annual) we had 54 teams in three
divisions.  This year we are expanding to five divisions (Amatuer, Pro,Corporate
A, Corporate B, and Ecumenical), and are expecting around 60 teams.

I urge anyone who is interested in starting a summer league to call the UPA
(1-800-UPA-Get-H) and get the booklet that my wife and I wrote called "How to
Start a Summer League" recounting our experiences in starting the D.C. League.
The Philly league, btw, based their league on our booklet.

(And if anyone in the D.C. area wants to play, call Dave Epping at 703-692-7150
for more info)

--  Eric