CSOT/SKUSA/KART: Kevin Lacroix aims major league karting

CSOT/SKUSA/KART: Kevin Lacroix aims major league karting

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St-Eustache, May 8. --  Sylvain  Lacroix, a former canadian snowmobile
champion, announces a three-year deal between his son Kevin and a group
of investors representing Auto Parts Plus, Valvoline, Raybestos, Tenneco
Automotive and Delphi. This select sponsor group was put together by
Uni-Select, Canada's largest independant auto parts distributor. This
agreement will enable young Kevin to compete on the karting international

A three-year agreement

Michel Maheux, Uni-Select vice-president, is very e***d about the deal.
"We were looking to support a young talent on the international scene.
This association is only possible through our long-time business partners
Auto Parts Plus, Valvoline, Raybestos, Tenneco Automotive and Delphi, all
world leaders in the automotive field. We offered ourselves the
opportunity to support a gifted driver and give him  the chance to reach
the highest rungs of the motorsports ladder. "

An impressive curriculum

Kevin Lacroix, who just turned 14, was a winner from the beginning : 41
podiums and  22 outright victories in just 50 races in the Junior class.
In 2001, he claimed Eastern Quebec title and was 2nd in the ICA
championship. He earned three championships last year, one of them being
the Quebec overall title. Finally, he competed in Las Vegas at the SKUSA
year-end final, finishing 8th overall against tough competition. He was
only 13 then!

A busy schedule for 2003

Kevin will be part of the north-american " Stars of Tomorrow "
championship with PSL Karting Racing Team, one of the best in the
country. He will race a CRG shifted Jr 80 cc machine while he returns to
his ICA little banger in the Quebec championship. He will also travel to
Italy to compete in the European championship in order to tackle
international competition. " Our agreement with major sponsors makes me
very proud and I fell I have to step up to their expectations, said young
Lacroix. "

"We did some serious testing in Florida last winter. Kevin has a busy
schedule in 2003 and our budget is locked for the next three years, added
his father Sylvain. So, let's get busy ! "

First result in 2003 : 2nd

The first outing was scheduled at the new CIK approuved BeabeRun facility
just north of Pittsgurgh in Pennsylvania last weekend. On the first day,
he suffered a broken gear that sidelined him. Then he had an encounter
with Kyle Rahal, nephew of the famous Bobby. When eveything looked grey,
he started from last place and flew by 22 competitors, only to fall short
from victory and finish in 2nd place, an impressive result in such a
tight series.

He was also credited with fastest lap time by half a second. In the
Sunday race, he started and finished second behind Kyle Rahal. An
excellent weekend. " I'll be looking for Kyle when we meet again in
Wisconsin in June ", laughed an e***d Kevin.  

Kevin Lacroix, star driver of the Lacroix Racing Team, is entering the
international championship " Stars of Tomorrow " as well as the Quebec
ICA championship. He will also race in Italy in the European
championship.  He is sponsored by Delphi International, Raybestos,
Tenneco, Valvoline, Auto Parts Plus, Uni-Select network and Lacroix Auto
Parts. His web site can we reached at www.kevinlacroix.com where more
pictures are available.


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