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The 2002 NASCAR rulebook now requires that all crew who go over the wall
must wear helmets.  All crew members in the pit must wear fire-resistant
suits.  Fuelers are required to wear full-race helmets and flame resistant
balaclava (head sock). In the past, NASCAR has strongly recommended wearing
safety gear in the pits.

NASCAR recommended <a href="">helmets</a> for the
over-the-wall crew members for the final two races of the 2001 season due to
the injuries to Ricky Rudd's crew members at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The helmets are to protect against possible head injuries while the
fire-suits will increase protection in case of a pit fire.  
The new ruling includes all team members who go over the wall.  It also
includes crew members who transport fuel in the garage area.  

Crew members are not the only team members who have new safety rules.
Winston Cup drivers will wear fire suits and helmets during all official
track sessions (practice, qualifying, race).  In the past, it has only been
a recommendation.

The 2002 rulebook covers all safety equipment with statements that they must
be worn in compliance with the manufacturer recommendations at all times.
An example of this type of statement was covered previously by NASCAR in
regard to <a href="">seat

These now mandated, not just recommended, safety changes are to ensure a
safer environment in racing.  Unfortunately, as in all motor sports,
accidents will happen and the outcome of said accident can not be
predicted by any sanctioning body.

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