IRL: Panther Racing and Speedway Engines Test New Engine

IRL: Panther Racing and Speedway Engines Test New Engine

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Panther Racing and Speedway Engines Lead Charge Into 2000

Indianapolis, IN-Yesterday at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Pennzoil Panther Racing and Speedway Engines got a jump on the Pep Boys
Indy Racing League Engine program for the year 2000.? The Pack and
Speedway engines tested the new 3.5-liter motor and added a unique twist
with a 180-degree crankshaft.?

"The engine ran really well and sounds great.? It really shows promise and
the exciting thing is that we have a workable engine for 2000 and it's
only July." Said Rick Long, owner of Speedway Engines.? Speedway Engines
got a jump on things when the new engine specifications were announced
earlier this year for the 2000 Pep Boys Indy Racing League season.? The
league is reducing the engines from a 4 liter to 3.5 liter to decrease
horsepower in the engine while using less downforce to achieve desired
speeds.? The new engine will also improve the sound of the engines for the
fans. John Barnes, Team Manager and Co-owner of Panther Racing was very
encouraged with the early results.? "Speedway Engines has done their
homework on this program.? This is the 1st test of its kind with the 3.5
liter, 180 degree crankshaft and it exceeded our expectations."?

Construction in turns one and two of the 2.5 mile oval kept Pennzoil
Panther Racing Driver, Scott Goodyear from running at full speed around
the entire track, but Goodyear got a good feel for the engine none the
less. "For the first try with the new 2000 engine package I was quite
pleased.? The engine was really smooth and driveable.? The engine seemed
to have a smoother pulse to it than the 4-liter which gives a different
feel in the***pit.? I think by the time we debut these engines at the
Walt Disney World Speedway in January this package will be quite
impressive." No official track times or speeds were recorded although
Goodyear ran over 200 miles per hour on the main straightaway before
backing off considerably for the 1st turn.?

Speedway Engines is owned by Rick Long and handles three engine programs
in the Pep Boys Indy Racing League this season.?

Panther Racing and Speedway Engines have been working jointly in the
testing phase of this engine and plan to test it again at Las Vegas Motor
Speedway in mid-August.