PlayMaker: A visual whiteboard for Ultimate

PlayMaker: A visual whiteboard for Ultimate

Post by Bharat Medirat » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00


        The new version of PlayMaker is now available in the
        Ebb and Flow Drill Archive.  Several people have already used it
        to create their own plays and have published them in our archive!

        Check it out at:


        PlayMaker is a visual chalkboard designed specifically to animate
        Ultimate plays.  It is a Java applet and will run under Netscape 2.0
        only.  (Note that Netscape 2.0 w/ Java support is not yet available
        on the Macintosh platform...)

        The new version makes several improvements over the old one:
                - 25% faster on low end machines
                - Control panel in separate window
                - Players can optionally leave trails behind them
                  to help you understand the flow of the play
                - Screen layout optimized.

        You can use PlayMaker to set up a few key frames at different points
        of your play, then let PlayMaker fill in all the in between frames.  
        It's easy!  Once you're done with the play, simply click a button,
        fill out a form and submit it to the Drill Archive to get your name
        in lights!

        The applet may take some time to appear, due to network constraints.
        Be patient and check Netscape's status window at the bottom of the
        Netscape window.

                                Ebb and Flow!

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