F1: A clean sheet for RB3

F1: A clean sheet for RB3

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Red Bull's design team started with a clean sheet of paper when it came
to producing the car carrying Red Bull Racing's hopes through 2007, the
RB3. The design process has been led by Red Bull Technology's Chief Technical
Officer, Adrian Newey, who looks back over the months leading up to

"One example that illustrates how much more complicated F1 cars
have become over the last decade is shown by the fact that I joined
McLaren in 1997 on 1 August and we had a brand new car out in February
1998. In contrast, I joined Red Bull in January 2006 and we are only
just getting the new car out on time in 2007. This reflects the greater
level of research that now goes on in F1 compared to nine or ten years


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