F1: Minardi Testing at Magny Cours 98-06-17

F1: Minardi Testing at Magny Cours 98-06-17

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     The M198 development continued today in Magny Cours with Esteban
     Tuero.. On a sunny day, definitely warmer than yesterday, the young
     Argentinean driver - who shared the track with 16 other cars -
     carried on the work already started on Tuesday by test-driver
     Laurent Redon.

     The Test Team of Fondmetal Minardi Ford continued with the setting
     up of the longer wheelbase car and focused on the aerodynamic
     modifications, such as the new front wing, which was mounted today
     for the very first time.

     At the end of the day, Estebans comment was: "I have run here, in
     Magny Cours, only once before in 1996, when I was competing in
     Formula 3000 and I remembered that this was no easy circuit. It was
     very important for me to become re-accustomed to the track, to get
     ready for next weeks Grand Prix."

     Also team-mate Nakano, who arrived this morning from Japan,
     attended todays tests. Tomorrow, Shinji will take it in turns with
     Tuero, at the wheel of the M198.