Need disc manufacturer info

Need disc manufacturer info

Post by do » Tue, 30 Aug 1994 02:54:50


I'm going to add a little informational doc to the disc golf
archive, where I'll list the names, addresses, phone/fax numbers,
and other info about some disc manufacturers.

I have the info for Innova-Champion, but I have little or no
information for Discraft and Lightning (little, and no, respectively).
Would some kind soul e-mail me the info so I can add it to the

I'm looking not just for the above stuff, but also any information
about disc models, flight characteristics, local dealers, and so
on. And of course, disc manufacturers not mentioned above are also
welcomed (Like Wham-O, I guess; they make a few DG models).

I'm posting this on Sunday; if you see it on, say, Wednesday, you
probably don't need to respond since other people will have already
done so. Thanks!

Josh Hayes, keeper of the Disc Golf Web page


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Need disc manufacturer info

Post by Scott McQuilk » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 09:08:39

Hi all,
  I was given the name of one "Steven Heartwell from Andover, MA" as
supposed exec. of the NE Flying Disc Club in order to find out about
Rindge, NH in Sept.
  Are you out there "Steve?"

If anyone has any info on this event please mail me at;

as I'm not on the .net often.

Many thanks,