SKUSA: KLS Racing Reno SuperKarts!USA ProMoto Update

SKUSA: KLS Racing Reno SuperKarts!USA ProMoto Update

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After restructuring within the team, KLS Racing headed into Reno, NV for
the second stop on the SKUSA ProMoto Pacific Tour. AJ Allmendinger moved
from the K1 class to the S1 class after the Phoenix race. Gary Carlton, a
local favorite, moved into the Jr. 80 class for his first national level
race in a shifter kart to join Kyle Krisiloff. Kyle Rassuchine remains in
the S1 class, Ricky Luther goes solo in S2, and Brett Buckwalter will lead
the K1 program for KLS Racing with Kirk Jeffery, Steven Reasoner, and
Jason Berry. KLS Racing also had local team members Reed Rinehart (K1),
John Pence (K1), and Nick Geranio (S2) join us for the Reno Stop. We hope
they will join us for the remainder of the tour.

With many eyes focused on KLS Racing and the newly restructured team, we
showed up prepared and ready to win. After the practices, KLS Racing was
favored for the weekend to podium in all the classes we had entered.
Strong qualifying and heat race performances by AJ Allmendinger, Kyle
Rassuchine, Ricky Luther, Brett Buckwalter, and Gary Carlton insured good
starting spots for the main event. Going into each main is where the
racing began.

Our Jr. 80 team on Friday had its ups and downs, literally. Gary Carlton
was in the top five during practice on Friday for his first national level
race aboard his 80cc machine. Kyle Krisiloffs luck was not so good. During
a practice session, he was involved in an incident, which removed him from
the racing program. The most important thing is that our young driver is
ok and we look forward to seeing Kyle in Santa Maria. Gary Carlton had
strong performances in all heats and was picked as a favorite for Sunday's
main event. Unfortunately, a racing incident ended his race early. Our
young Jar 80 team learned a lot in Reno and will be back in full force for
Santa Maria.

Our K1 team on Friday was scattered throughout the field. We had a total
of 6 drivers in this field being lead by Brett Buckwalter and Steven
Reasoner. Brett was in the fight for the top position after qualifying
third. The top three K1 qualifiers were only separated by 1/100th of a
second. Brett won one heat race and Steven was within the top five in all
heat races. In the main event, Brett had gained the lead and was pulling
away. He was forced to pull to the side due to mechanical failure. Steven
was involved in an incident ending his day. Kirk Jeffery placed the
highest out of all the KLS Racings K1 drivers to finish in 9th.

In the S2 program, Ricky Luther was in the hunt. During practice he had
ripped off some fast times and won a heat race on Sunday. He was involved
in some racing contact on the start, which set him back a few spots. He
finished 8th in the main event and is also second in points for the S2
class in the Pacific Zone. Look for KLS Racing and the Luther's to improve
the S2 program to be a contender for the S2 Title.

The S1 class took to the track as the last main event on Sunday and AJ
Allmendinger was clearly the favorite to win. He had qualified on pole and
was over 2/10ths faster then his nearest competitor. This was AJ's S1
debut aboard his KLS Racing MBA. He was the first Pacific Zone Driver to
sweep the pole position and all his heat races. K&N awarded AJ with
$600.00 for the K&N Clean Sweep Award. He went on to win the race by over
50 karts lengths. Kyle Rassuchine was also right there aboard his MBA 125
with a top five finish in all of his heats. Kyle showed what he is made of
by being consistent and smooth throughout the weekend placing him in 6th
for the finish of the main event. This is a great finish for Kyle
considering he has been going to school full time and racing against peers
with thousands of more laps in their 125 machines. Keep an eye out for
Kyle as his already a national champion in other forms of karting.

KLS Racings Drivers for Reno ProMoto #2

AJ Allmendinger
Kyle Rassuchine

Ricky Luther
Nick Geranio

Brett Buckwalter
Kirk Jeffery
Steven Reasoner
Reed Rinehart
John Pence
Jason Berry

Gary Carlton
Kyle Krisiloff