UPA Open and Women's Championship Date Change

UPA Open and Women's Championship Date Change

Post by Kenneth » Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:00:00

in a startling development, the upa board voted to move the dates of the year
2000 nationals up to a weekend a mere three weeks after the wfdf world
championships in germany. asked about the impact this might have on the
defending champions' ability to defend their national titles, the board
released this statement:

"we recognize that almost no one goes to europe for worlds and doesn't take
extra time to see the sights, so we know there will be some impact. it's
reasonable to think that their practice time will be curtailed, and that they
won't be able to field full teams at sectionals or regionals. but since they
beat everyone last year, this is just our way of leveling the playing field."

pressed further on the seeming lack of consideration for the champions this
decision implies, the board had this to say:

"we don't expect them to like it. hey, we didn't even ask them for their
opinion. but they'll deal. they have no choice."

in a separate statement, board member and six-time defending champion jim
parinella said:

"big deal. who needs seven consecutive titles anyway?"