From the AC Regional Website...

From the AC Regional Website...

Post by Mike Geric » Sun, 29 Apr 2007 06:40:14

"Also note that the winners of semis have qualified for Nationals. The loser
of finals does not play another game."

---this could make for an anticlimactic final.
....has someone pointed that out already?

...teams will all be celebratin' and stuff after semis, possibly.
both teams could come out on fire, loose as a goose and ready to produce.

can't wait.
8 games for the third place finals for the last spot to go. format improvement/suggestion.....and maybe it'll be on the
schedule when i get there, i don't know.......give those 4seeds a game, if
there is field space available, of course.  round robin...or semis and
finals and losers finals.