New Year's Day Tourney, Boston

New Year's Day Tourney, Boston

Post by Pablo Martine » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 01:17:28

                       A N N O U N C I N G:

         *** Clark's Rockin' New Year's Day Tourney
(not related to any festivities hosted by the record promoter)

Sip cocoa, mourn your passing youth, and get horizontal on the
frozen tundra in the City of Disc!  If you see no other movie this
year, play in this tournament.  Enjoy yourself after a good night's
sleep:  make it a resolution.

Where: Weeks Field (Summer League) Fields, in Newton Center.
When:  10:30 AM, New Year's Day.  We _must_ have a timely start in order to
ensure some playing time before dark (4:30 or so).

Mixed format:  You may...

 Register in "clumps" of four (4) players, (coed clumps are encouraged)

 - or -

 Register at the tournament (if/while spots are available).

Coed teams will be formed at tournament day.  Team size will be limited,
so sign up early; BUDA events have always filled up, so don't get shut out of
this exciting event!

Entry fee:   $4.00 per person (pre-registered by Dec. 20)
   $5.00 per person (tournament day)
  $10.00 clump of two
  $15.00 clump of three
  $20.00 clump of 4

  (Math computations above for the benefit of differently clued folks or folks
using Pentium machines.)

For further information, contact Pablo or Zaz at:

Mail applications/make checks payable to:
Pablo Martinez, 30 Walnut Street, Belmont, MA  02178

Name __________________________________________
Street ________________________________________
City ________________________  State ____  Zip __________
Phone Number ________________  E-mail address ______________________

Other members of a "clump" (maximum of 3 others):

Check one of the following:

_____ Disc star _____ Semi-feared player  _____ Solid contributor

_____ Role player _____ Learning to catch, and willing to party!