IRL: Galles Racing Kansas race quote

IRL: Galles Racing Kansas race quote

Post by pr.. » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:20:24

Al Unser Jr.

"Well I am very disappointed for myself and the entire Galles Racing Crew.
We had a good car today and the team was great in the pits.  There was
something wrong with the motor and I am not sure what happened yet.  I could
definitely run up there with the rest of the field and so it hurts that we
weren't able to finish.  I just want to thank everyone from Starz SuperPak
and TV Guide that came out to support us today."

Didier Andre

"At the beginning the car was not good enough to run with the front of the
pack, but it was getting better and then our clutch went out.  It is a
disappointing day for the entire team and we will just try to focus on going
to Nashville now."

-Galles Racing

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