Open Dutch DDC Championship '93

Open Dutch DDC Championship '93

Post by Paul Hoogendi » Thu, 25 Mar 1993 23:12:32

Open Dutch Double Disc Court Championship '93

We are pleased to invite you for the Open Dutch Double Disc Court
Championship '93 which will be held at saturday 15 May in Eindhoven.
So, everybody in Belgium, France, Germany, England, Scandinavia or
everyone who happens to be in the area, come to Eindhoven and show
what you can do with two discs.

The registration fee is only 15 guilders per team (about 8 US-dollars)
which you can pay on the day itself. We have room for 32 teams so be
quick and reserve a spot.

Send you registration to:

   Henri Eijck,
   Juliusstraat 18,
   5621 GD Eindhoven,
   The Netherlands.

More info? Call (+31) 40-433122 and ask for Erik Bassie, or, during
office hours, (+31) 40-474452 and ask for Paul Hoogendijk. If you have

Paul Hoogendijk.

Eindhoven University of Technology Ultimate Frisbee Team Vertigo.