Attn:NE Region

Attn:NE Region

Post by Judy Le » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 12:18:15

To all the NE contacts (College and Open):
As of now, I do have the most recent list of college contacts in the
NE, and I am still receiving email and phone calls with more updates.
I am trying to get this out in some shape or form, but if you are in
the NE and you know that you have not contacted me with some kind of
info (phone number/email) get in touch ASAP!

All I have right now is a list on paper, the disk that contained all
the contact names and addressses crashed, but I did print a copy
before it happened, so I do need to transfer back on to a disk of some

But as of today, I still have no info on the following college open
teams:  Bates
        Boston College
        All the SUNY schools
        Yale-get in touch, I need some phone numbers.

The following college women's teams still are MIA:
        Amherst-I need a phone number
        Boston College
        Brown-I need a phone number
        Columbia-I need a phone number
        Harvard-I need a phone number
        SUNY Purchase

If people are wondering about what is going on with western New
England sectionals, I will hopefully get in some more info about the
two.  I believe that the search for fields is still on....  And the
dates of both womens and open should fall on the one of the first two
weekends in October.  Please be patient with us UPA coordinators, we
really do not have an official western New England sectional
coordinator for the fall, and Kim, Pablo, and I are trying to work it

I will hopefully be able to put out a mailing to everyone who got left
out of the loop with the first mailing in September.  This is mostly
all the college updates I have received in the last month.  If you
have more immediate questions about names and numbers, feel free to
call me at 413-597-6813.  

Pablo-if you read this, please call me ASAP.

Judy Lee-Northeast something or other