Metro NY Sectionals/Brooklyn Disc

Metro NY Sectionals/Brooklyn Disc

Post by Pablo_Martinez.LO.. » Wed, 14 Sep 1994 00:17:49

Official Metro NY Sectionals dates, from Andy Borinstein, Metro Sectional

Andy asked about the Lev/Brooklyn issue.  The debt ($100, payable to Pablo
Martinez)  is still outstanding.  Until this is received in full by myself or
Andy, in cash or cashier's check, all players on the 1994 Brooklyn Disc Spring
Regionals roster may not compete in UPA events

The players are: Paul Bermudez, Ron Drenger, Rob Featherstone, Joel Feazel,
Mike Friedland, Lev Fruchter, Mike Intrater, Jesse Kalb, Bruce McMinlay, Greg
Meyers, Marcos Minguela, Eric Olsen, Andy Scheman, Peter Scheman, Dan Seto,
Mark Trupia, Phil Vlahakis, and Mark Young.

NE Regional Coordinator

Date:   09/10/94 12:49:22 AM
Subject:        Metro NY Sectionals


It's official.  Metro NY sectionals for Div ll will be held at SUNY Purchase on
Saturday September 24th.  Div 1 and Women will take place on Sunday, September
25.  Please post this information on the Net and Sport.Rec.Disc.  Thanks.  
Also, are the players on Lev's roster
cleared to play in UPA events?  Please advise.  Thanks, Andy B.