STOCK: Mission Valley Speedway story and results 2000-05-20

STOCK: Mission Valley Speedway story and results 2000-05-20

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By:  Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Saturday night at the Mission Valley Speedway proved to be an exciting
one for kids and ***s alike!  All the kids got to ride in their favorite race car
during the Speedways second "Kids Rides" weekend of the 2000 season.  While the
***s got an exciting show during all the races where there was a lot of bumping
and grinding going on causing several large pile-ups and spin outs!

Mission Mountain Motors of Ronan was the Trophy Sponsor of the night as well as the
provider of the 1993 Ford F150 supercab XLT, that was used as the trophy truck.  
Trophy presentations were made to the winning drivers by Lindsay Hackman, a Senior
at Ronan High School.  Lindsay's parents are Miles and Cheryl Hackman, owners of
Mission Mountain Motors.

There were several wild rides of the night in the racing action!  Two different
drivers did complete 360's, thankfully missing all the other cars in their
respective races.  The first was Lynn Olsen of Pablo, in the Compact Trophy Dash.  
Olsen spun his 360 on turn four ending up with a rearend bounce off the concrete
corner!  The second was Carl Nordberg of Polson, in the Hobby Stock Main Event
race.  Nordberg lead the race for the first two laps when, while trying to hold off
Dave Drake on the back stretch, Nordberg gunned it a bit too much causing him to
spin up and around allowing all the other Hobby cars to pass underneath him before
finishing his 360 into the infield.  Drake went on to win the Main.

The Bomber class made an impressive show with 12 cars competing.  Three trophy
dash's were run.  Mike Drake, took home his first trophy of the season in the C
Dash, as did Russ Burland in the B Dash.  Chuck Morigeau made a clean sweep with
first place wins in the Bomber A Dash, the Heat and the Main Event races.  
Morigeau also posted fast time for the night in the Bomber class.  Morigeau, last
years Bomber Champion, is on his way again it seems leading the points so far in
his class.

The Compact class had a first time trophy winner as well this weekend. Vic
Robinson, driving #9, took and held the lead for all six laps in the compact trophy

The added attractions of the night were the pitman's and sponsors races. Six***
drivers turned over their cars to one of the their pitman or a sponsor to race in
one of two ten lap specialty races!

Car classes were mixed, running Bombers and Compacts together in the first 10 lap
race, and Streets and Hobby's together in the second.  Ken Ridnour, owner of Ken's
Roofing, looked like he had the first race all but won when Kendall Lundeen took
over the lead on lap 9 holding it for the win!  In the second race, Duane Drake,
pitman for his brother Dave, took and held the lead the entire 10 lap race for the

Next week, May 27th, will see the return of the Super stocks, the Budweiser
Compacts, and the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's.  Time trials begin at 6:00, with
racing at 7:00.

Race Results MVS

BOMBERS Fast time of the Night:  Chuck Morigeau 18.99

A Trophy Dash: 1)Chuck Morigeau, 2)James Kammerer, 3)Brad Forman

B Trophy Dash:  1)Russ Burland, 2)RJ Watt, 3)Raymond Matt

C Trophy Dash:  1)Mike Drake, 2)Rob Steinebach, 3)David Knudson

Heat:  1)Morigeau, 2)Bob Watt, 3)Burland, 4)Forman, 5)Kammerer, 6)RJ Watt, 7)Mike
Drake, 8)Raymond Matt, 9)Howard Lilly, 10)David Knudson, 11)Rob Steinebach

Main: 1)Morigeau, 2)Kammerer, 3)Forman, 4)Drake, 5)RJ Watt, 6)Matt, 7)Burland,
8)Bob Watt, 9)Lilly

Budweiser COMPACTS Fast time of the Night:  Arnie Coleman 18.28

A Trophy Dash:  1)Vic Robinson, 2)Arnie Coleman, 3)Brian Robinson

Heat: 1)Coleman, 2)Lynn Olsen, 3)Alvin Brester

Main:  1)Coleman, 2)Olsen, 3)Brester, 4)Mike McVey, 5)B. Robinson, 6)V. Robinson,
7) Chad Brown


Fast time of the Night:  Dave Drake 17.66

A Trophy Dash:  1)Dave Drake, 2)Wade Shepard, 3)Chuck Swope

Heat: 1)Shepard, 2)Swope, 3)Fred Ashley, 4)Carl Nordberg, 5)Drake, 6)Jarred Burland
(driving for Brad Lee)

Main:  1)Drake, 2)Shepard, 3)Swope, 4)Ashley, 5)Nordberg


1)Kendall Lundeen, 2)Chance Dziekonski, 3)Jessie Bettencourt, 4)Ken Ridnour, 5)John
Gardipy, 6)Amos Coleman, 7)Kyle Snyder, 8)Steve Chapman, 9)Justin Drake, 10)Randy
Grant, 11)Leslie Olsen


1)Duane Drake, 2)Don Munn, 3)Dave Wilke, 4)Jack Nordberg, 5)Tom Bartel