USAC-WM/USAC-S/FFMCS: Race wrap ups and upcoming previews 2002-10-07

USAC-WM/USAC-S/FFMCS: Race wrap ups and upcoming previews 2002-10-07

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Pankratz wins Perris Midget Race; Kings race Saturday
Sprints, Ford Focus Midgets combine for Cajon "Doubleheader".

Wally Pankratz of Orange, Calif. captured Saturday night's 30-lap USAC
Western Midget Car feature at the Perris (Calif.) Auto Speedway. The Western
Sprint Cars and USAC Ford Focus Midget Cars will share this weekend's
spotlight with the Western Midget Cars, all three series in action in

Chad Nichols of San Carlos, Calif. and Todd Hunsaker of Chino Hills, Calif.
lead the Sprint Cars and USAC Ford Focus Midget Cars to Saturday night's
"doubleheader" at Cajon Speedway in El Cajon, Calif. Nichols has a 45-point
lead over 2000 champion Todd Ellison in the Sprints, while Hunsaker's lead
over J.J. Ercse in the USAC Ford Focus Midgets stands at 69 points. A 20-lap
USAC Ford Focus Midget and 40-lap Sprint feature are on tap at the 3/8-mile
paved oval.

Robby Flock of Murietta, Calif. has a 38-point lead over Jerome Rodela in
the Western Midget Car Series, which continues with a Saturday night program
at Kings Speedway in Hanford, Calif. A 30-lap feature is scheduled on the
3/8-mile dirt track.

Pankratz, USAC's 2000 Western Midget Car Champion, recorded his 19th career
victory in the series at Perris, leading the final 14 laps in his
Sta-Rite/HASA VanDyne/Edmunds. Pankratz was the fourth driver to lead the
race, taking the lead from Alex Harris on lap 17. Danny Olmstead led the
first five laps and Bryan Stanfill led the next eight before Harris went to
the front.

At the checkered flag, Harris was second ahead of Steve Paden, series
leader Flock and fast qualifier Danny Stratton.


1. Robby Flock 722
2. Jerome Rodela 684
3. Danny Stratton 681
4. Wally Pankratz 620
5. Shane Scully 538
6. Van Knill 412
7. Josh Wise 396
8. Matt Rossi 394
9. Bobby Boone 382
10. Dallen McKenney 372


1. Chad Nichols 550
2. Todd Ellison 505
3. Tim Barber 478
4. Scott Hansen 476
5. Rick Hendrix 472
6. Tony Hunt 468
7. Brian McClish 436
8. Mike Aaby, Jr. 365
9. Mike Ford 310
10. Shauna Hogg 247


1. Todd Hunsaker 806
2. J.J. Ercse 737
3. Wayne McCormick 716
4. Phil Goodwine 712
5. Garrett Hansen 706
6. Steve Davis 469
7. Jon Wilcox 361
8. Bobby Owens 322
9. Josh Lakatos 232
10. Chris Rahe 220


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