Guts names

Guts names

Post by Dennis Walikain » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 22:10:48


>> Choose something like
>>one of the classic Michigan guts teams from the deep past (before my
>>time), "The Humbly Magnificent Champions of the Universe".  Now that's
>>a good name.


        Glad to hear Troy is familiar with a great old Guts team.  My old
team, Paul's Bar, had a few classic (a few nonclassic) matches with the
Humblies.  They were based in Ann Arbor, we were based in a UP bar in
Hancock, so we kind of looked at Guts from two different perspectives, if
you know what I mean.
        But, we always respected them, and they had some incredibly
talented people--John Sappington being one of the all-time great defensive
players; Jeff Dean making a thumber curve ten feet (honest).
        Some of my favorite Guts names were/are: $32.00 Frisbee Team,
Copper Harbor Herring Chokers, Swedetown Sweathogs,  Schlitz Malt
***-hers, and lately Smiling Carrots and Blind Mules.
        I'd love to hear from anyone else that knew the Guts circuit back
in the 70's.
        Also, we are definitely starting a Guts list at my address.
        And yes, when we were young and could do both, we used to end Guts
practice with a game of Ultimate.
        "Those were different times."--Lou Reed
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