UHRA/SAFETY: Hydro-Prop steps up safety program

UHRA/SAFETY: Hydro-Prop steps up safety program

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Hydro-Prop steps up safety program for Unlimited Hydroplanes and Formula One P.R.O.P.

(Lake Hamilton, Fla.) - In its' ongoing safety initiative, Hydro-Prop, Inc.
announced today that it has improved safety regulations and equipment for
both the Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane Series and the Laughlin Formula One
P.R.O.P. Tour presented by Bud Light. With safety being a major concern in
motorsports today, Hydro-Prop spent the off-season consulting with experts
in order to make both series safer for competitors.

"Gary and Bart Garbrecht have made safety a priority," said Don Pierce,
Director of Rescue for Hydro-Prop. "The safety equipment and plans they
have in place for this season will allow us to manage our jobs with less
difficulty. Within all motorsports, accidents will likely occur and it
is the organizational skills of the safety team that can usually prevent
most problems. We have established a credible and professional group of
safety personnel at Hydro-Prop and we all look forward to an exciting
and safe season on the water."

"Safety has always been a major objective for Hydro-Prop," said Mike
Noonan, Director of Safety. "Before last season, we updated most of the
safety equipment for both tours. This off-season we have continued that
initiative. We have a new rescue boat provided by Northwest Jet Boats
and new engines and two new personal watercrafts from Yamaha. These
additions will strengthen our safety equipment and allow for quicker
response time should an accident occur."

"We are e***d to be able to join Hydro-Prop in this capacity," said
Kent Durham, Production Manager of Northwest Jet Boats, the Official
Rescue Boat of Hydro-Prop. "Providing a rescue boat for the Hydro-Prop
safety team is something that gives us great pride. Enabling the safety
team to do their job more proficiently and possibly saving lives while
using our equipment is beneficial to both Hydro-Prop and Northwest Jet

Hydro-Prop travels to each Hydros and Formula One race with an
assortment of safety equipment. Besides the trucks that contain all
the rescue tools, Hydro-Prop brings trailers loaded with rescue
boats, personal watercrafts and zodiacs. The Hydro-Prop safety team
includes professionally trained individuals who travel to every race.
In addition, Hydro-Prop also works directly with local race resources
including the Fire Department, Police Department and EMS. Hydro-Prop has
also inquired about future safety procedures and equipment such as scuba
compression tanks, a training capsule and the use of the Hans-Device as
used in other major motorsports.

The Laughlin Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour presented by Bud Light begins
June 1-2 at Laughlin, Nevada while the Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane
Series opens June 28-30 at Evansville, Indiana.

Headquartered in Lake Hamilton, Fla., HYDRO-PROP combines Unlimited
Hydroplanes, the biggest, fastest racing boats in the world,
with Formula One, the most versatile, fastest accelerating and
fastest turning boats in the world. HYDRO-PROP events are held
throughout North America and are televised during prime time on
ESPN2. For more information on HYDRO-PROP, visit www.hydroprop.com


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