BARBER-PRO: St. Pete: Burt Frisselle race notes

BARBER-PRO: St. Pete: Burt Frisselle race notes

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Practice Session 1
Position Finished:  20th
Fastest Lap Time:  01:18.703

Burt Frisselle made his rookie debut in the 2003 Barber Dodge Pro Series
this past weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The young driver began the
weekend in a calculated manner, as this was his first time racing on a
street course.  Frisselle stated, "Although the first day was awkward in
terms of getting comfortable with racing between two concrete walls, I felt
more confident by the end of the session and look forward to qualifying
this afternoon."

Qualifying Session 1
Position Qualified:  13th
2Fastest Lap Time:  01:16.171

Frisselle executed a strong performance in the first qualifying
session of his rookie year, finishing in a respectable P13.
"Unfortunately, I was not able to perform to the best of my ability due to
my car set-up," Frisselle remarked.  "However, I am feeling more
comfortable on the track and I am confident in my ability to accomplish
faster lap times with a few changes to the car."

Qualifying Session 2
Position Qualified:  8th
Fastest Lap Time:  01:14.875

After making aggressive changes to his car set-up, young Frisselle
executed an impressive performance in the second session of qualifying on
Saturday morning.  "The car felt better than it had all weekend." Frisselle
reported.  "I definitely feel that I was capable of qualifying in the top
five today, but traffic on street courses can make getting clean laps quite
challenging.  I am very happy with my P8 finish and look forward to the
race this afternoon!"

Position Started:  8th
Position Finished:  6th

After minor contact in the second corner of lap one, Frisselle lost
several positions in the first few laps.  However, as the fuel load became
lighter and the tire temperature increased, the car felt increasingly
better to the young rookie.  The talented driver from Hawaii was able to
make several passes, as well as string together a number of fast laps,
making up the ground that he initially lost.  Frisselle stated "My goal
going into the weekend was to place in the top ten.  I am extremely pleased
with a 6th place finish and I am thrilled to have executed the 4th fastest
lap of the race."  He went on to state, "I am definitely looking forward to
our next race in Monterrey, Mexico, where I believe that I will be able to
finish in the top five and challenge for a podium."


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