Post by Jonathan Shepar » Wed, 24 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Ultimate Frisbe quoted in the Wall Street Journal!!!!!  Read all about
it!  Pick up the Wall Street Journal today and check the front page of
MARKETPLACE (the B section). In an article 'The New Map of High Tech'
the Journal lists 13 of the hotest spots for high tech commerce in the
country. Though California lists 4 of them, Pittsburgh's "RoBoBurgh"
makes the list.

The whole article is hot, but check out page B12 for the write up of
RoBoBurgh and look under the bold faced "Where they combine fun and deal
"Ultimate Frisbee summer league with about 300 members, many techies who
talk about latest projects on the sidelines. ""I can almost guarantee a
couple companies a year will start out of those Ultimate fields,"" says
Henry Thorne, president of Cycle Time Corp., which makes systems for
industrial robots."

For those of us who don't know him, Henry Thorne is a UPA board member
and headed up the task force that worked so hard to present the College
Series Experimental Rules Petition to the open division last year for
regionals and nationals.

Way to go Henry!!!! You managed to to get Ultimate mentioned 3 times in
one of the world's leading newspapers AND plug your own company at the
same time. You're huge man... SO huge.




Post by Tom Coffi » Wed, 24 Nov 1999 04:00:00

You must be looking at life through rose colored convex lens'
Last time I saw Henry - I had to look down!

    > You're huge man... SO huge.