GLASSBORO 79 - Ultimate Championship - Zone Zone Zone DDDD -- Video - 25 Year Anniversary

GLASSBORO 79 - Ultimate Championship - Zone Zone Zone DDDD -- Video - 25 Year Anniversary

Post by Jim Power » Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:00:43

Hello Kevin:

Good to hear from you ....long time.

I agree with your assessment below.  I remember the same tournament....from
a slightly different perspective....tournament director...trying to keep
things running smooth.

I also remember Santa Barbara having a little trouble with the East Coast or
should I say Boro Zone.  Throw in a little rain and wind .... and you have a
great mix for an upset.  I still remember the look of disbelief in TK eyes
during that game...stayed cool....but the Left coasters could not pull it
out in the end.

As for supper 8 film....yes I still have it....just been sitting on old super 8 projector died...bulb I think I can not even
look at it now.

If you are interested this is what I recommend:

- Try and get a few key players from each team (captains + who ever is
available (Penn State U. players?) together at some future Ultimate event
(2001 Championships, 2002 Championships (25 year anniversary)).  Play
 the supper 8 film (projected onto a screen) and have the available players
provide commentary / play by play (including pre and post game comments)
 while the supper 8 is running. While all this is going on we at the same
"video" the screen and pick up the audio from the old time players in the
The end result is a video of the super 8 with audio picked up from the
in the room. Done correctly with a few beers - this can work great.  I know
it is a
stretch - but this is the best idea I can come up with.  What do you think?

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> Hello Captain Powers (Penn State '77 Eastern Champs)---------

> Glassboro alumni Johnny Hod sent me your e-mail address.    This is
> Kev-vo (ex-tri-captain Boro Ultimate '79-----wore Superman shirt).
> Many many many frisbee hucks since we last crossed each other's goal
> line.   Hope all is well...
>  I'm told you have in your possession something very valuable to all Boro
> players.    More precious than gold, more valuable than diamonds, more
> explosive than plutonium!   Something we didn't buy and can never be
> taken away from us + will always be remembered as our greatest
> accomplishment + forever stamped on our resume.
> Yes!!!   Hidden in the archive bowels of Ultimate lore, a Super 8mm film
> of epic proportion.   Changed our proud lives to this day.    A real
> David vs. Goliath film adventure featuring unbeatable 2-time Champions
> Santa Barbara Condors (Gods of Ultimate) vs. the "Stuff + Score" psych
> machine Glassboro Ultimate.   Glassboro who?

> Ever since we sent the Condors home shaking their heads in disbelief we
> have been replaying in our heads this monumental effort.   We still have
> a close-knit group + see each other often.  Had a 20yr. + 10yr. BORO disc
> camping reunion.
> Above all, most of us have never seen the replay (film).    Ongoing
> arguements regarding who was MVP,  certain plays, etc....To see it would
> certainly be a thrill + a blessing.
> Nite before '79 Game all the Condors were partying real***y + I told
> Snuffy the Boro was going to win 22-21.   He laughed + some of the other
> Condors said it was going to be a blowout.   We definitely caught them
> off guard thanx to their overconfident lack of respect.   After the game
> Snuffy came up to me + said "At least you didn't get the correct score
> (19-18)".
> (Have good memory)  I also remember in '77 Boro travels to Penn State for
> indoor game.   First time playing indoors....We were Amped for high
> voltage!  Great psych!    Score:   Boro 34---Penn State 29
> Very disappointed in '77 losing to Hampshire 21-20 at Easterns'  after
> trouncing them in regular season 27-21.   After you guys won in '77,
> Boro thought we should have won after beating both Penn State + Hampshire
> in reg. season.   Although, Bucknell (with Harvey) (probably their best
> team)  thought they should have won in '77 beating Boro twice 15-14 +
> 33-21.
> I thought about this------------From '77---'81     How much of a
> difference 1 turnover makes in winning or losing a championship.    Boro
> either won or lost by  "1"
> goal 5 years in a row.
> LOST   77-----Hampshire 21-Boro 20
> LOST   78-----Cornell  18- Boro 17                      Eastern Finals
> WON    79-----Boro   19-  Santa Barbara 18       World Championship
> WON    80-----Boro   12-   Boston   11                  World
> Championship
> LOST    81-----(OT) Knights of Nee 16-  Boro 15   Regional Finals
> *Nee up by 4 at Halftime in Finals against Condors and lose 15-13

> Boro could have WON 5 in a row!!!    Wouldda, shouldda, couldda, if...

> Of the 37 goals scored in '79 Game,   how many do you have on film?
> Hodweed tells me you are adding play-by-play commentary + transferring to
> video.   Sounds great!   Do you remember all our names + scores during
> game action?   Must have memory of an elephant.  Let me know if you need
> any help...   When do we get a copy of this cherished video?     Can't
> wait!!!    Send me a price?   Would extra copies off the original be
> possible? (better quality)
> Also,  how do we do same for '80 Championship video?   2 for 1 sale would
> be excellent icing on the cake.

> Gotta go to my co-ed *** sky surfing training class with Hawaiian
> Tropic supermodels.    Let me know how I can be of service to expedite
> bringing this rare religious royal treasure (video) back to its' rightful
> owner.    + thanx for preserving /caretaking and guarding this most
> precious artifact with your life for almost 22 yrs.
> You will be rewarded handsomely with a party bowl of Jamaica's finest + a
> one-time shot at being an all-night sex slave for  644lb. Sumo Wrestling
> Goddess "Tiny Bubbles"!!!     Don Cain can watch + do play-by-play...

> Send me a shout out---------
> All the best
> Kev-vo Walsh-----------973-398-1597


GLASSBORO 79 - Ultimate Championship - Zone Zone Zone DDDD -- Video - 25 Year Anniversary

Post by Gimpel » Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:59:36

Jim Powers is still alive!

Best two-sided backhand around.
Started teams in NH, Penn St, Harrisburg and Philly. Did I forget any?

I feel young again.