Jughandle: Now Recruiting for 2013

Jughandle: Now Recruiting for 2013

Post by Dan Naylo » Mon, 08 Apr 2013 11:45:06

RSD readers and friends,

Jughandle, a mixed team based out of Mercer County New
Jersey, is recruiting for 2013. We pull players from Philly
all the way to the Hoboken Area. We are the longest running
club team in New Jersey, and one of 2 mixed teams in the
region to make regionals six years running.

We had some solid results last year, and are looking to
build on that to make our 7th year our best and luckiest

We take pride in helping to develop players that have now
become mainstays on our team. The don't just want to achieve
big things, they want to achieve them with us. We have spent
the last few years trying to create a vision and build
towards it. This is the year we want to complete that vision
and we are looking for a few people to complete our vision.

Off the field, we recognize the importance of having a life
outside of ultimate. Many of you are in your early-mid 20s,
and you should be able to enjoy many of the diverse things
on offer to you. While we are close knit off the field as
well (ski trips, disc golf tournaments, game nights, bar
crawls and more), we aim to give people off for the 4th,
Labor Day, and Memorial Day, and understand that people
might miss a week or two for a family vacation or something.
When we are on the field we work hard. When we are off the
field we have fun.

If you are fun and talented player of either gender, who is
respectful of your teammates and opponents, and the above
sounds appealing to you, please email

our list. Tryouts will begin in May 5th, with a roster
finalized by July for the USA-U regular season.

We are looking forward to adding some great new teammates
this year.

Dan, Andrew, Megan and Tim
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