KART/RUSSELL/FRUSSELL: Kart racers earn Russell driving school

KART/RUSSELL/FRUSSELL: Kart racers earn Russell driving school

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Las Vegas, NV  -- The top three kart drivers at the HPV/Horstman
Pro-Invitational on November 19 at the Las Vegas Karting Center are the next
kart racers to enter the Series to Advance American Racing Talent program,
known as STAART. Champion
Phil Carlson
and second and third place drivers
Dom De Jacomo
Robby Mott,
respectively, all won prize packages that included a Jim Russell Techniques
of Racing Course , an Advanced Racing Course, plus four free races in the
USAC Formula Russell Championship at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

"We congratulate Phil, Dom and Robby, and look forward to welcoming them
into the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and our racing series," said
Kjell Kallman, director of sales and marketing. "Jim Russell Racing is very
supportive of racers who are coming up through the karting ranks and we are
proud to be offering these drivers a way to move from racing karts to racing
open wheeled race cars"

"After  each of the drivers complete the Russell program, STAART will
organize a testing session in a USF 2000 car with the best driver receiving
a free race in 2001 U.S. F2000 National Championship," said Marvin Justus of
Horstman Manufacturing and founder of STAART.

Last year's STAART scholarship award winner, David Mayhew, went on to win at
Road America in the ACC class in his first professional race. Currently, Jim
Russell Racing offers similar prize packages for the KRC Cup, SKUSA, and the
Jim Hall Karting School, providing kart racers an entrance onto Russell's
unique ladder system.

For more information about Jim Russell Racing, call (707) 939-7600;
toll-free at (800) 733-0345.

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