Chicago Summer League

Chicago Summer League

Post by Jeff Li » Sat, 09 May 1992 00:04:04

For the first time ever there will be a summer league in Chicago this year!!!!

The Details:

--Co-ed league.  Beginners welcomed and encouraged.

--12 Teams (though there will be more if we need them top have ~12 people/team)

--League runs June 8 - August 14 with a final tournament the following weekend.

--Games will be Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30.

--Fields will be at various places throughout the city.  

              on the Midway at UofC (59th and University)
                               10 am

call Michael Panson (312) 973-2205


Chicago Summer League

Post by Jeff Li » Sat, 09 May 1992 03:27:08

One other important thing I forgot, there is an entrance fee of $30 for the
whole thing.

Also, people have been a little confused about how the teams are going to be
done.  Basically, it'll be done like D.C.or Philly summer league.  On the
application you tell us your level of experience, and the Gods of Summer League
(I have no idea who they are at this point) will assign you to a team.
Expierienced players will be mixed with inexperienced ones.  I don't know if
you will be allowed to request that you play on the same team as someone else.




Chicago Summer League

Post by No » Sat, 16 May 1992 10:00:48

Actually, Jeff, there was a summer league in Chicago back around 1982-83, or so.
 It was run by Joey Giampino of Windy City.  Nob


Chicago Summer League

Post by Jeff Li » Sat, 16 May 1992 23:53:06

A few people have written recently (see Nob's post) and said that there was,
in fact, a Chicago Summer League back in '84 or so and that it was run by
someone from Windy City. I stand corrected.

However, it's still ridiculous that a city as large as Chicago with as many
teams as are here has not had a regular summer league.  Philadelphia has less
club teams and less total people in it, yet they have had a league for the
last several years, and had 24 teams last year. I've been told that this has
something to do with the fact that City uses the summer to gear up for
Nationals. (The good weather in the fall here is short-lived, so this might
make some sense...)  Whatever the case, there is no reason why someone else
shouldn't get one started and that's what's happening.

I also talked to a person who had no idea what a summer league was all about.
Talk to your friends in D.C. or Philly or New York to find out, then call
Mike Panson at (312) 973-2205 for more info.

--Jeff Lind


Chicago Summer League

Post by Dan Galv » Sat, 16 May 1992 14:35:17

This is not a direct answer to this posting  sorry
More of a gripe towards Park Districts that decide suddenly
to remove courses!
Oak Lawn removed a badly kept, yet closeby course recently.
Unfortunately, I don't live there anymore, but just the same
Anyone have a course of action against a Park District
taking away a course ?
Dan Galvin ------------------------------------------------------