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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A NEW TRADITION BEGINS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


In order to:

1) celebrate its 20th anniversary of continuous operation, making it the
longest continually-running Ultimate League in the world (it's a fact, you can
check the Ultimate Time Line) and

2) honor Summer Leagues everywhere, since that's where the SOTG still reigns

The Mercer County Ultimate Disc League (MCUDL) is hosting the 1st Annual Summer
League Competition on Saturday, July 15th.

What we are proposing is two divisions, competitive and rookie. The competitive
division will consist of teams composed REPRESENTATIVELY of the best players
from the respective Summer Leagues (we do not propose to say how they should be
chosen). We DO want the teams to be representative; we DO NOT want a club team
with a new uniform to show up (ex. we don't want WAFC's rep to simply be
Chesapeake with new tee-shirts, or BUDA's to be DOG, etc). The rookie
representative team should be composed of players with three years or less of
Ultimate playing experience. It could be possibly one of the first times that
these players have had a chance to play in a TOURNAMENT setting.

Leagues showing interest do not have to send a team in both divisions, but they
can if they choose. We most likely can serve up to 12 teams total.

The tournament will be on Saturday, July 15th, with the option of extending
play into Sunday, July 16th, depending on the level of response. We will be
playing on the MCUDL fields in Mercer County, New Jersey (between Trenton and
Princeton, for the geographically-challenged). The entrance fee will be
minimal, probably around $75 per team per division.

What MCUDL needs NOW is a response from interested Summer League
representatives. This will be a unique opportunity for the life*** of
Ultimate, the Summer Leagues, to get together for a day or two of Spirited
competition. If your league would like to be part of this event or need some
more information , please call Rich "Etzel" DeWan at 609-397-9592 or you can

Time is short, so I hope to hear from you soon. Look forward to seeing some of
you at the MCUDL fields in July.