UPA League Organizers' Conference - Feb. 21-22, 2009 - San Francisco, CA

UPA League Organizers' Conference - Feb. 21-22, 2009 - San Francisco, CA

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Ultimate Organizers' Conference, Feb 21-22, 2009, San Francisco,
Title Sponsor: VC Ultimate - also hosting Starbucks coffee during Meet
and Greet
Registration Deadline: 12/31. http://www.upa.org/outreach/conference2009/registration
Travel Deals are now available.  Non-stop flights into San Francisco
are currently available for under $200!

You are invited to the UPA Ultimate Organizers' Conference! Join us
this winter in SF to collaborate with your fellow friends and
organizers.  Enjoy presentations, round table discussions and a chance
to chat and mingle with others who share a passion for Ultimate.
Bring home new ideas to improve the programs in your local community.

This event offers you a unique chance to spend a weekend with Ultimate
players and organizers from across the country at the only existing
conference of its kind.  Take this opportunity to learn from the
experience of others, chat about common issues, brainstorm solutions
and share your knowledge about tried and true ways for running a
successful league or organization.

The UPA hosts this event because administrators have expressed a need
to collaborate with fellow organizers.  We value the hard work that
goes into developing and implementing Ultimate within each community,
both big and small.  The UPA wants to do what we can to be sure you
have the opportunity to attend.  That's why we cover the cost of rooms
and lunch for both days.   Don't miss this opportunity!

Keynote Speaker, Angela Lumpkin: Professor of Health, Sport, and
Exercise Sciences at The University of Kansas and Former Division I
Women's Basketball Coach, Angela will be talking about character and
ethics in sports and how that relates to SOTG, organizing, coaching,
leadership and teaching.

Please help us in our continued efforts to promote this event.  Post
information about the conference on your local forum, forward to the
local community and other organizers or contact us to add someone to
the email list.