Traveling with the uni - (non) marking tyres

Traveling with the uni - (non) marking tyres

Post by Peter PHILI » Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:00:00



> Ask Semcycle about your specific tire. Most non-black tires are
> non-marking, but as I found out at UNICON, a tire that seems to be
> non-marking might turn out to be, when you get it on the floor of the
> Manor School.

I had a lot of sleepless nights over tyre marking in the lead up to UNICON
VIII.  We had 350 riders with all kinds of machines and tyres riding on
some very expensive floors - I know, I had to sign the paper promising
to pay for any damage!

I warned all of the riders that anyone with a marking tyre would be
to Siberia, but when they turned up on the day, over half of the tyres were
black...  This is what I learned.

1 There are some tyres that will mark almost any surface
   (Cheap, knobby, black 24" tyres seem to be the worst)
2 There are some surfaces that will be marked be almost any tyre
   (Including purple and blue)
3 In general the surface of the floor is much more important than the tyre
  (Highly polished floors are likely to mark less than dry wood)
4 Most of the marks are very light and will brush away through normal use
5 Some tyres mark much more when they are wet or clean
6 There is no substitute for trying it out

And if you want some real floor damage, try dropping an 8 foot giraffe
with metal pedals!  ;^]

We got away with it (much to my amazement).  We left a lot of light
marks on the old, dry, wooden floor that John mentioned, but I reckon
that they polished off pretty quickly afterwards.  We made quite a few
*** abrasions to the floor in the Sports Centre - from the hockey
sticks is my guess.  The owners of the hall where the artistic took
place could find no damage.

Philip, as long as your tyre has been used for a couple of weeks
and the floor has some polish, I would guess it will be OK.  But
go try it in a corner now to be sure!


Peter Philip
One-time UNICON coordinator, now almost human again