Wood One Wheelers Mini Meet

Wood One Wheelers Mini Meet

Post by Dirk Iwem » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

The Wood One Wheelers are hosting a Unicycle Mini Meet

Saturday    May 17

at Maumee Bay State Park
Oregon  OHIO

Registration at 9am
$3.00 per person / $10 per family

long race at 9:30
Other events
short race
slow (board) races
obstacle course
one foot
walk the wheel
random couples

All ages and skill levels welcome.
Lunch provided

This is always a great event.  Lots of fun.  A good introduction
for someone who has never been to a national.  Lots of helpful
encouraging riders.

Very nice park with lodge and camping on lake Erie.

I encourage anyone who lives anywhere near Lake Erie to attend.

PS  Don't forget gloves and kneepads (and helmets)
PPS  Great place to fly a kite, too.