Riding to Class by road or path?

Riding to Class by road or path?

Post by scar.. » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

>>[Yikes are acrobatic props]
>This is incorrect in the eyes of the law unicycles are a cycle are have
>not rights on a footpath, but have the same rights a bicycle

 - I was not aware of that. Were you aware of that?
 - No I was not aware of that.

Wow. That's crazy. In my younger foolish days I used to
ride on the road, but I've realised that it _really is_
pretty stupid.

Even a hardened yiker can fall off - especially if they're
trying to go at a speed which will not hold up traffic -
at which point they end up under the wheels of a car or
bus. Also, car drivers don't know what they're seeing and
get pretty confused - they may lose concentration on the
road in front, or may even swerve to avoid you. _You_ may
know that you're (realatively) safe - but drivers don't.

I'll ride on the road on backstreets where you can see cars
coming, but will get on the pavement (sidewalk) or dismount
if a car comes, just to stop them getting nervous. I would
not ride on a road with more than occasional traffic.

I'm quite happy to ride on the pavement, since I don't see
myself as a danger to pedestrians.

Just my bit for RoSPA - and good relations with drivers!

>with the exception of bridleways.

Hence the lego-wheel under the seat :)

(Ok, lego is a trademark and I should have put plastic modelling
brick styled wheel, but I grew up with lego - and wouldn't even
consider buying any other brand of plastic knobbly building bricks,
even if they _are_ "Compatible with other building systems")


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