Pashley Muni and Miyata seat

Pashley Muni and Miyata seat

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There are a couple of other alternatives.

I have engaged a local machinist to manufacture aluminium seatposts for the
UK's Unicycle Source.  These can be made in almost any size above 25mm and
come with a maximum length of 400mm long.  They also have a brace under the
securing plate to stop them bending.

We have recently had a few orders for ones without the normal Miyata cut-out
on the front and rear for fitting to Carbon seat bases.

I have added them to the UK catalogue, but I keep on forgetting to add a
picture - I will see if I can get one up today or tomorrow.
The other option is a suspension seat post with an adaptation.  I have a
catalogue item for these and a photo.  The problem here is that they are
long, I could not use one (but I do only have short legs).

Because these are bespoke there is often a delay of a week or so before

The other thing worth mentioning is that seat posts for older Pashley
Unicycles to fit Viscount saddles are now available as a stock item.  A good
upgrade if you are still on the old post.

I hope this helps


     The UK's Unicycle Source

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> The shims that John Drummond mentioned are the best way to do it.

> An alternative is to use the Miyata seat post extension.  The outer
> of the seat post extension is 1 inch and fits right in the Pashley.  It
> works but it's not the best solution.  Proper shims are less expensive and
> will clamp the seat post more securely than the seat post extension.

> john_childs

> >From: (Lars-Gunnar Ranz)
> >Hi everybody,

> >I'm owning now a Pashley Muni, after learning unicycling
> >on a noname Taiwanese-uni. The Pashley was just the one
> >I could get in Germany on the easyest way.

> >This muni is IMHO quite good, except of the seat. Now, I
> >want to change the standard Viscount-Seat inot a Miyata
> >seat. In Germany I've just located one dealer for Miyata
> >seats, but he only has 22 mm (0.866 inch) seat posts for
> >the Miyata seat, instead of the 1 inch (25.4 mm) fitting
> >the Pashley.

> >I've read (in the FAQ or on some Webpages) that some others
> >has allready changed the seat of their Pashley's and
> >mounted a Miyata seat. How can I do this or how have you
> >done this? Is ther a existing 1 inch seat post (in USA or
> >everywhere else?) or what else do I need for fitting a
> >Miyata seat on a Pashley.

> >I hope someone could help me with some advices

> >Thank you

> >Lars-Gunnar Ranz

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