I just met another MUnier!

I just met another MUnier!

Post by ratherbekayakin » Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:45:34

I had just left a friend's house tonight in Canon City at 11:00pm at
night and headed home when a unicyclist crosses my path.  (always good
luck).  Could that be a fat tire?  YES!  I stopped him and we talked a
bit.  He's in town for a few weeks (lives in Washington).  We exchanged
info and we're gonna for riding in a couple days.  

Totally crazy meeting aonther unicyclist in this town.

He had his camelbak, head lamp and was headed for the Sky Line Drive/
Hogbacks area just down the road.  (Lots of good trails and hills--even
a dirt half pipe).  

Small world.

I had to tell ya all.  Okay, now I can go to sleep.

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