Retain ALL your hard earned money

Retain ALL your hard earned money

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Go offshore now.

Open a secure offshore bank account with
a low one time payment.

Own an offshore MasterCard WITHOUT
a social security number and WITHOUT a credit check

Develop a secondary offshore income of $500 to $5,000
a week or more - you decide!!

Unlimited global market, unlimited income,
all confidential

You can:
Eliminate your debt
Secure your Assets
Retain ALL your hard earned money
And pass your wealth on to your heirs

The Super Rich have done this for years....
Isn't it time you started?

The investment required to join this program is $1,000.00, which is impressive when you realize that other programs which are not as extensive as this one cost between 3,500.00 and 5,500.00 dollars. Our firm has been offering this capability for over 5 years and has 10's of thousands of satisfied customers.

If you are serious about possibly joining us, then for more information please fill out the following confidential form and fax to: 1-309-414-8240 or if it is busy then fax to 1-208-694-7259

We will then fax or email you additional information.  If you are still seriously interested after you have reviewed what we send you then we will call you to explain this opportunity in additional depth and to answer any remaining questions you may have.

Your Name:

Your Phone Number(s):  

Your Fax number:

Your email address:

What is the best time to call you?

Please circle each of the following capabilities you are interested in so we know what information to send you:

Secure offshore bank account    

Protecting your assets

Offshore MasterCard WITHOUT a social security number and WITHOUT a credit check

Secondary offshore income

Foreign Trust

Off Shore Corporation

Thank you for your time and interest.


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