National Unicycle Convention Video

National Unicycle Convention Video

Post by M & J R » Sun, 03 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Short excerpt from Andy Cotter's post:

>At this years National Unicycle Convention in Iowa, Alan Plotnik video
>taped the convention.

This tape is of professional quality.

>Order form:

>"1996 Convention Highlights"
>Fast paced and exiting, this documentary includes clips of winners in
>Standard Skill, Individual Freestyle, Pairs, Clubs, Groups and Parade.
>Racing clips cut to music and quips from John Foss and Paul Fox make
>this a historical video for you collection.


>PAL or NTSC available at no extra cost.
>NTSC (VHS in USA):_____
>PAL (European):____

>Postage: 1st tape $4.00
>each additional tape: $1.00
>additional tape outside North America: $2.00
>Make check or money order payable to: Alan Plotnik

>Mail to:
>Alan Plotnik      Phone and Fax: 512.918.8153
>11633-B Argonne Forest Trail
>Austin, TX 78759

I ordered it and received it promptly. The photography and editing are
excellent. The video captures the Convention mood very well. Seeing the
superb unicycling and juggling skills is fascinating and enjoyable. This is
the video that one wants to  watch over and over again.

Michel Y. Roy