getting permission to unicycle in a gym

getting permission to unicycle in a gym

Post by Jeff Lutk » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 04:15:09

I'm in the process of organizing some unicycling activities on campus, but am having great difficulty getting permission to do so.  Would anyone have any suggestions for arguments that might be useful?

I am told gym floors can too easily be damaged.  If I ensure that all pedals are plastic, and no seats with metal exterior parts (like savage) are used, will the gym *really* be free from damage?  Events will involve a lot of new people, and therefore, some hard falls.  If I manage to do something in a gym, I want it looking as nice after we left as before we came in.

Next, if I do get permission, I am told the next issue is one of liability and insurance.  For juggling activities, we carry a million dollar insurance policy, I believe, and require people to sign a waiver before entering.  Does anyone have any experience to share there?

And let's not forget those who talk about the "inherent instability" of a unicycle, or the unicycles "uncontrollable nature" or such phrases used by people who have never attempted to ride a unicycle.  I can start that discussion about the free wheel of bicycles, roller blades, and so on, and fixed wheel of a unicycle.  Does anyone know of any statistics that might be useful?  Are there any good buzz words or phrases I might want to try using for those who think you'll fall square on your head?

Finally, I realize, probably no one here knows my campus (RIT), but can you think of locations I might have missed looking into?  I've tried gyms, a few nearby rooms, and the ice rink.  (The ice rink is the most agreeable of places since it will be drained soon -- unfortunately, there will be construction work going on when I want to use it)

thanks for any advice,
Jeff Lutkus

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