Slick tyres and 26"wheels

Slick tyres and 26"wheels

Post by Unicy.. » Sat, 18 May 1996 04:00:00

>> As a budding unicyclist who's learning and cruising on a little 20" thing,
>> I'd like to know what sort of
>> speeds are achieved on  a 26 " miester with slicks? Do slicks help?

>I can't comment on 26" wheels but I tried a slick tyre on my "little
>20" thing". Outdoors the grip is excellent but indoors it's
>treacherous. A layer of dust soon builds up on the tyre making it a
>very interesting ride indeed. I do a fair bit of my riding in sports
>halls (and the like) so I've had to ditch the slick. Shame.

I recently put a slick tire on my 20" freestyle unicycle to see what it would
be like. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't have a gym to ride in these
days, but I forgot the wheel walking aspect. If you do a lot of wheel walking
and gliding, the slick tire is a lousy source of traction!

On the other hand, the one I have also picks up a lot of dirt, and has a very
thin tread. At least that means it will wear out relatively quickly!

John Foss