Night Trading hits the U.S.A! Earn $20,000/month + [zvowg]

Night Trading hits the U.S.A! Earn $20,000/month + [zvowg]

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Yes you read it correctly you can now profit over $20,000
per month, over $1,000 per day "NIGHT TRADING" for fast

"NIGHT TRADING" is the act of purchasing pre-screened common
share stock at the close of the market day and selling those
same shares the next morning for a profit. Sounds simple
right? The only problem is knowing what to buy when to buy
and when to sell. Finally, now available in the United States
is a unique proven wealth building system that has helped
thousands profit hundreds of thousands of dollars daily in
Canada and other countries.

This program is for the beginning investor as well as the
professional. There is no experience necessary and everyone
who participates in this wealth building system makes money
and we can prove it!!! NO MORE GUESSING what to buy when to
buy or when to sell. This wealth building system includes
powerful proprietary software that tells you what to buy
when to buy and when to sell. The program is so easy to
understand a 12 year old could use it and profit like a pro
within two weeks of following the system. The wealth building
system includes the proprietary software, individualized
training, support and guidance, a paper trading period
utilizing the software and scrutinized by your very own
personal trainer on a daily basis. Direct connection for
real time information into one of North Americas leading
exchanges is also included.

There is no computer expertise needed the system is entirely
point and click!! You will need to spend at least one half to
one hour per day using the system and you are on your way to
earning $1000 per day before breakfast! This unique wealth
building system takes the guess work out of investing
minimizing your risk dramatically. This system is not for
everyone!!! You will need to commit to a brief training
period and you will need trading capital to begin which you
will deposit into your own trading account to begin using the
system. We have numerous traders who have quit their jobs and
are utilizing the system to generate $40,000 and more per
month on a consistent basis! The opportunity is now! We are
looking for 50 people in the United States who want to take
advantage of this wealth building system and who are willing
to share their successes using the system with others. If
Interested in how you can begin profiting $1000 per day before
breakfast starting within two weeks of your acceptance into
the program please fill out the following form and return to
us a.s.a.p! You will be contacted by phone within 24-48 hours.


Day time phone_______________________________________Evening

The best time to reach you

Do you have any trading experience?______________________
How long?___________________________________________

What is your trading knowledge? None______Medium ________
or Professional Trader_______________

How much trading capital do you have available?  Less than
$10,000_______$10,000 or more_______________
*** To be succesful with this program the recommended amount
of trading capital to maximize the program is at least
$10,000. Remember this does not go towards purchase of the
system this is your money that gets deposited into your
own trading account that you will use to invest to generate
$1000 plus per day before breakfast?

Do you have any business experience?_________________________

What is your Profession?_____________________________________

What are your trading goals? Daily income__________or capital

All questions must be answered! Not everyone will be accepted
into the program we will determine together if it is the best
thing for you individually in a follow up call with a financial
service consultant. This is a real system that works! The most
important elements are a desire to learn, one to two hours per
day and enough trading capital to generate fast profits quickly!

Have a NICE Day!