Earn money from home

Earn money from home

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Imagine how wonderful it would feel to help a large number of children in your area and making $4,000 to $12,000 per month doing it?                   s11^

Helping needy children and parents AND at the same time supporting your own family very well financially.

Every day in your community there are single parents struggling to make ends meet and wondering where the money will come from to cover their children's basic expenses.

Most of these parents are hard working people who just need help from the person who has a legal responsibility to give it to them.

Every day a large number of parents call us for help in collecting their child support.  Many more than we can possibly handle.  We need the help of caring and dedicated people who would like to enter a new high paying prestigious profession.

The court has decided how much these parents are to receive but the caseloads are so large that the results are that there is over $32 Billion dollars worth of uncollected Child Support in the US today and this amount grows by millions every week.  

If you would be interested in helping us, then we have all of the training that you will need to start a new business in this high growth profession of "Child Support Processing!"

We have the resources available to you to help you track down deadbeat parents and force them to pay what they legally owe, without ever having to come into contact with them!

We have the most extensive Computer Data Bases in the world for the processing of Child Support.  Our databases allow you to track down dead beats, find their assets and then collect the child support, which is due.  These powerful databases will be available to you if you choose to join us.

You can do what private investigators do, legally, and for a fraction of what it would normally cost! And you can do it from the comfort of your own home office!

More details about our Child Support Collection Course:

Child Support Collection has reached epidemic proportions, $32 billion nationally; state agencies are simply too understaffed!  State agencies are typically very happy when we assist a parent.  We find the dead beat and their assets and the state agencies are pleased to use their government powers, working with us, to collect the back child support.

Our Child Support Collection course teaches you to how locate the DEAD-BEAT parent, their assets, employment, bank accounts and how to collect on those assets.

The manual supplies the forms, brochures, and child support business methodology.

We also have the most powerful reporting capabilities at your disposal to help you track down dead-beat parents.

Unpaid child support is an epidemic . . . and you can be the cure!

As our national and local media remind us every day, millions of custodial parents are struggling to raise their families without the child support to which they are entitled. In fact, you or someone you know is probably tackling this problem right now.

This Child Support Collection Course teaches you to recover your own child support payments. Or you can learn to help others in need, earning about 25% to 30% of what is collected.  That translates to $4,000 . . . $8,000 . . .even $12,000 earned each month collecting for others! You'd be hard-pressed to come up with any other legal business opportunity that allows you to earn such a significant income while performing such a valuable community service.

Not only do you have the potential to make thousands of dollars a month recovering delinquent child support payments, you'll also "earn" the gratitude of custodial parents and their children who are finally receiving the money they're due!

You might be thinking a successful child support recovery business would require a difficult time commitment or a lot of expensive equipment. Not at all! You can make thousands of dollars each month, part-time or full-time, working from your home, with only a telephone and a home computer!

This course places you at the leading edge of a major national trend, namely, privatizing the recovery of delinquent child support payments. Whereas the government succeeds only one fifth of the time in this area, well-trained private parties are doing four times better!

And remember every time you recover a payment, you can earn 25% to 30% of what you find!

We provide step by step instructions for you to follow, enabling you to collect all back-owed child support for yourself or anyone else you choose. It is not necessary to have in-depth legal knowledge or even a college education.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, absent parents in the United States have a big bill to pay: $32 billion in delinquent child support payments. That is over 15 million cases, with 1.5 million new cases added every year. More than half of court-ordered child support cases become delinquent at some time, and in more than one fourth of cases, no payments are ever made.

Children deserve and need the support they have been awarded, but government agencies aren't offering any real help because they are totally over whelmed.. In fact, the agencies are so flooded with requests that they only collect about 18% of the child support money they go after. In other words, the government typically has an 82% failure rate! No private business could survive with that kind of record, and the impact on children can be devastating.

Statistics show that after a divorce, an absent parent's available income goes up 43%, while the custodial parent's spending money goes down 20%.

With your help, children in need have a four-times-greater chance of receiving the money they are due than if they relied on the government for recovery.

One mother has told us that working with the government to find an absent parent "is like beating your head against a brick wall. The frustration and futility you feel are enormous. Agencies crawl at a snails pace, and authorities often lose files or seem to make no progress with a case." But this same mother's outlook changed after reviewing our course: "I would have given anything to have this knowledge years ago. This is the best $149.00 I have ever spent."

We have Customer -Support staff available to you from
8:00AM to 9:00PM(Central Time) 6 days a week.
If you call this number, you can talk to one of our very experienced
Customer Support personnel. They can answer any questions you may have-with no obligation.  

When you call our Customer -Support line, they can let you know of any specials we may be running. If you like what you read and hear about our courses, then the Customer -Support person can work with you to place your order. We are very low key. We merely give you the facts and you can then decide if you want to work with us or not. Don't let this
incredible opportunity pass you by!

Call us at 1 877 721 5948 8:00AM to 9:00PM (Central Time) Mon-Sat

Customer Support -Personnel are standing by...

PS. Ask about our 30-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money-back-guarantee.

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