Unicycling on New Zealand TV tonight!

Unicycling on New Zealand TV tonight!

Post by TonyMelto » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 09:44:45

Calling all New Zealand riders: Set your video recorders - Unicycling on
TV2 tonight!

Footage from the 2003 NZ Indoor BikeTrials competition be shown on XSTV
on TV2 at 11pm tonight, Tuesday the 4th of November. I was there
competing against the two-wheelers on his unicycle. BikeTrials is a
sport of bike handling skills. The idea is to ride over short but
challenging sections without stepping off. For an extra challenge I
entered on my unicycle. The XSTV cameras were rolling and there should
be some footage of me hopping his way over the sections. I also did a
1.7m drop from a 10-pallet stack to the ground. Hopefully that at least
will make the cut!

You can read the story I wrote about the competition at


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