URGENT: Last call for unicycle bags

URGENT: Last call for unicycle bags

Post by Jack Halpe » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm leaving Japan to go to Unicon VIII in a few days, but I must
order the unicycle bags at once if the merchandise is to arrive
on time.

I am attaching the original announcement.  If your name is on the
list and you haven't confirmed, please  do so right away. You
may of course also order if you're not on the list.  I cannot bring too
many extras because of weight limitations and other factors.

BTW, 30 copies of my book ANYONE CAN RIDE A UNICYCLE will be available
at UNICON VIII.  I will assume that this will be enough, unless
I hear shouts to the contrary.

See you all soon.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President

                                JAPANESE UNICYLCE BAGS


   The bags are sold by the JUA in Japan, but JUA is not set up
   to export them. The easiest way to buy the bag is to give me your
   order and I'll  bring it with me to Unicon VIII.  If you are not
   coming to Unicon VIII, send me the payment in cash and I'll send
   it to you by airmail or surface mail as you desire.


        There is only one type, and it is large enough to fit a 24" unicycle
        without removing the pedals. It has pockets conveniently located for
        tools and the like. The color is a mixture of green, yellow and red.
        Looks cool, I would say.


        * Normal Price:  $44
        * 25% discount for Unicon VIII: $33
    * Ordered from Jack Halpern: $37 + shipping

        I'm sorry if these seem expensive even after the discount. EVERY
        thing in the Land of the Rising Yen is expensive. I could give
        a further discount if you buy more than one.

0 = confirmed


    Below is a list of people that have ordered so far. Please let me
    know if I made any mistakes.  Since these bags cannot be returned
    once purchased, I cannot bring too many extra ones, so if you want
    one be sure you get one let me know right away.

    Name              Quantity  Email address

An asterisk before the name means not attending Unicon. I assume the
others are.  If you order directly, please DON'T send checks. It costs
something like $25 to $30 to cash a check here! Just send cash.