Schwinn Monty Conversion (the topic that will never die, until now [hopefully])

Schwinn Monty Conversion (the topic that will never die, until now [hopefully])

Post by WickedNinj » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 04:49:14

This is to anyone wanting to know about the Schwinn Monty Conversion and
also how to use the Miyata seat without welding.  This is the story....I
wanted to do the whole Schwinn Monty Conversion, so I buy an old 20''
off ebay, but about the same time my friend had given me an old 24''.
Now at the time I wasn't sure if I could put the tire into the 24 frame.
I asked the forum, but with no help I went ahead and put it in the 20''
frame.  Now of course the ultimate dillema, the Miyata seat (add
suspenseful music here).  I took the seat and uni to my local bike shop,
who has helped me since I was just riding bikes and even helped with my
unis.  They suggested take the seat to a machine shop to have holes
drilled.  Well since of course I bought the extended seat post I figured
"hey good idea".  I called around, found a place near by who said, "sure
bring it all down and we'll see what we can do".  I jumped in my car and
within 10 minutes the drilling began.  They put in about four holes the
first being about an inch and half from the end of the post.  I was
pretty impressed with their proffessionalism and accuracy with making
sure they didn't damage anything or drill off center.  Once the job was
finished I jumped on and rode down the floor of the machine shop, then
to my suprise so did the man who drilled the holes.  Apparently he used
to ride unis that his friend received free from Schwinn (former Schwinn
employee)!  I went home then jumped on again, oh no it felt just a
little short especially with the longer cranks.  So I set it aside and
continued using my 20" miyata.  Then it hit me, duh, put it all in the
24" frame (bet you couldn't see that coming) that would give me a couple
of inches. Back to the bike shope it was and yesterday with a big grin I
hopped on and wow what a difference I actually had to drop the seat down
a hole.  So to anyone who is interested in doing to whole Schwinn Monty
Conversion I would suggest using the 24" frame and finding a machine
shop. BAM! Problem solved.  (in case you're wondering I was charged
nothing for the holes being drilled)

Hope I helped someone

Brian Hafdahl

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Schwinn Monty Conversion (the topic that will never die, until now [hopefully])

Post by AccordNS » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 15:07:44

Glad to hear the conversion went well. One of these days I'll build my
Semcycle XLW/Monty for fun.

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