Schwinn Seat Post

Schwinn Seat Post

Post by oxfordride » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 09:09:39

I bought a 20" Schwinn for my kids but it is a little to big for them.
Subsequently I want to play with it but I need a longer seat post.
The seat post is smaller in diameter than a 22mm seat post--I think it
might be a 13/16.  Does anyone no were I could find one preferably a
350mm.  They are sold out on  Can I use a 22mm seat post
with no problems?  Does anyone no were to get a stock seat post or an
extension at a reasonable price.  Thanks.

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Schwinn Seat Post

Post by john_child » Sun, 04 Jul 2004 10:07:31

I've got a 14" long Schwinn seat post in my big box of spare seat parts.
I've also got two spare 9" Schwinn seat posts.  It's amazing what I
collect and refuse to throw out.

I'd be willing to sell any of the posts.  I no longer have a Schwinn so
they're of no use to me any more.  PM me or email me if you're

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