Bristol Tournament, 17/03/96

Bristol Tournament, 17/03/96

Post by Innocent » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Final post about the Bristol Unicycle Hockey tournament this Sunday...
We have had to get a new venue, as we cannot play in the Student Union,
due to the safety angle, apparently... Anyway, The trusty team of
organisers at this end have got us an alternative venue...

its two miles from the original, but if you (that is, of course, if you are
coming ;) ) turn up at the original site a little earlier, say, around two
or so, we'll redirect you to the new one, which is basically up the road...
The tournament will now be held outdoors, on all weather type tarmaccy stuff,
so even if its a little wet, play will be possible...

there is a well stocked bar, and an area for keeping unused steeds about
fifty yards fron the courts we'll be using... I say courts plural as the
number of teams that have so far expressed an interest in coming has
exceeded our expectations quite consciderably, so to get a decent number of
games in for each team, matches will be played 2 at a time.

should be good... and we look forward to seeing you all there... as will
all the hungover students living in the overlooking halls, who will not be
able to believe their eyes seeing this sort of thing first thing in the

PJ xx

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