Trials on a non trials uni

Trials on a non trials uni

Post by RangerForres » Wed, 12 May 2004 08:57:21

I learned to ride on a 24" uni that my parent's bought me for Christmas.
It has lollipop bearings but was really a good learners uni.

I progressed in skill but do not have much money so I did not get a new
uni when I wanted to ride trials and MUni.

This unicycle is totaled in every way possible except for the fact that
the hub is in one piece.

I desprately need a new uni because all I have that works now is my

I tried a real trials unicycle for the first time last weekend and it
was amazing.  I felt like I could have jumped over the moon.  I could
get 12" on my cheap 24" uni and I was probably getting 18" on the trials
with almost no effort.  I have never even ridden a 20" wheel before
that.  It was great!

Has anyone else had this problem and wrecked a perfectly good learners
uni by taking it too far?

Should I buy a cheap trials uni at least to hold me over?

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Trials on a non trials uni

Post by tennisgh2 » Wed, 12 May 2004 09:18:35

yep im a perfect example, only it took me 4 unicycles to realize that i
should upgrade to a real solid muni.

Started out with a 12" savage, moved to a 16" savage, then 20" savage,
and finally a 24" savage. -nothing- is salvagable in any of these
unicycles, except for perhaps the pedals on the 12" :)

Disclaimer: i by no means encourage you to buy a savage. however, if you
do buy one, be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat
post. this is far more comfortable.

I was in the same position as you about 2 months ago, only i was
learning more towards a kh24 than a kh20. I ended up ordering the muni
(tho it has yet to arrive). If you know you are hooked on trials, then
there is no point getting a cheap uni like a nimbus trials just to "hold
you over". Inevitably, you will brake it and wished you had the kh20 or
onza or whatever solid trials you wanted all along.

its up to you, but i dont think many people have regretted buying a



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